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हम्हारे देश के कर्णधार!

थोड़े बहुत घोटालों का मतलब यह नही है कि हम नेताओं को और प्रशाशन को भ्रष्ट कहे अरे वह भी इंसान है और इंसान तो थोड़ी बहुत गलतिया करता ही है हा यह बात और है जिसे भुगतना हमें ही पड़ता है और तो और हम्हारी आने वाली पीड़ी भी भुगतेगीन, पर फिर भी किसी को इन सम्मानित लोगो को भला बुरा कहने का अधिकार नही है क्योकि यह हम्हारे देश के कर्णधार जो ठहरे!                       1948 Jeep Scandal
- V K Krishna Menon was India’s commissioner in London His name was linked with the scam, the name of the scam was Jeep Scam. Indian government had placed an order for 2,000 jeeps with a London-based firm that had false credentials. While most of the money was paid upfront, just 155 jeeps landed. Later Krishna Menon became Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's trusted ally and the defense minister.
2-Year 1949 - Industry minister Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh, father of Arjun Singh, was jailed for three years for taking a bribe of Rs 25,000 from gemstone trader Sachendubhai Baron for renewing his diamond mining lease
3.1958 – Indira Gandhi’s Husband Firoz Gandhi exposed the scam. Finance minister T T Krishnamachari, finance secretary H M Patel, LIC chairman L S Vaidyanathan, are some of the names were linked to this LIC scam or scandal.
4.In 1959 Ramakrishna Dalmia, chairman, Bharat Insurance Company, was arrested for misappropriating around Rs 2.2 crore from the company and sent to jail for two years.
5.In 1960, businessman Dharma Teja managed to get Rs 22 crore loan from the government to start a shipping company, and then siphoned the money out of the country. He was arrested in Europe and jailed for six years.
6.In 1965, Orissa chief minister Biju Patnaik (chief minister Naveen Patnaik's father) was forced to resign after it became known that he had favored his privately owned company, Kalinga Tubes, in awarding a government contract.
7.1970 – Nagarwala Scandal – Regarding this scandal information is not clear and everything is hidden or unexplained. It is said that Nagarwala impersonated the prime minister on the phone and got State Bank of India to give him Rs 60 lakh. Both Nagarwala and the police officer who investigated the case died in mysterious circumstances soon after.
8.1974 –Maruti Scandal – name of Indira Gandhi is linked. It was reported that her son was favored with a license to make passenger cars in the then highly restrictive-environment
9.1976 – Oil Scam – The scam is linked to Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. A $200-million contract was awarded to the Hong Kong-based Kuo Oil Co to take future deliveries at current prices. The government lost Rs13 crore. It was reported that indirectly money went to Indira and Sanjay.
10.1980 – THAL Vaishet project scam - In 1980 petroleum secretary H N Bahuguna, N N Kapadia, petroleum minister P C Sethi and K P Unnikrishnan were accused in a scandal where a consultancy contract for the Thal Vaishet project was awarded to a subsidiary of Italian Snamprogetti in violation of laid down-norms.
11.1981 – Maharashtra Cement Scam Scandal – Maharashtra Chief Minister A R Antulay linked - It was reported that Maharashtra Chief Minister A R Antulay gave Public consumption Cement to Private builders , companies favored them. How much profits which company and who made I did not find information. Did he got the kicksbacks?
12.1986 – German Submarine Scam – Person linked was Indira Gandhi. It was alleged and reported that Indira Gandhi government got the kickbacks in buying two submarines from German firm HDW
13.1987 - Bofors Scam – Person Linked Rajiv Gandhi - Rajiv Gandhi and others were accused of receiving Rs 64 crore in payoffs for the 155mm howitzer deal from the Swedish-firm-Bofors.
14.1991 – Jain hawala case - L K Advani, V C Shukla, C K Jaffer Sharief, Arif Mohammed Khan, Madan Lal Khurana, Kalpnath Rai, N D Tiwari and many others were accused in the Rs 64-crore Jain hawala case.
15.1991 – Harshad Mehta Scam – Using the Loopholes of law Mehta, SBI, NHB, Grindlays, Citibank and Stanchart were all accused of having played a part in the Rs 10,000 crore securities scandal.
16.Fodder Scam - Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav and other state politicians and bureaucrats were alleged to have siphoned off Rs 950 crore from funds meant for the state animal husbandry department
17.1996 - M Gopalakrishnan, former chairman and managing director of Indian Bank, and others were accused of having sanctioned huge loans totaling Rs 1,500 crore to companies without obtaining adequate-collateral-security.
18.1996 – Telecom Scandal - Sukh Ram was charged with accepting kickbacks from a number of telecom companies in exchange for special favors. About $1 million in small-denomination rupee notes was found in the homes of Sukh Ram. Runu Ghosh, a senior official in the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), was arrested on corruption charges, including having allegedly favored telecom equipment manufacturer Advanced Radio Masts Ltd (ARM) in purchase contracts.
19.1996 - owners of several large shoe companies in Mumbai were arrested on charges of having floated bogus cobbler co-operatives to get low-interest loans from the Maharashtra government
20.Chain Roop Bhansali's CRB – 1000 crore Rs. Mutual Fund, Banks he got licenses. He got good credit ratings and audit ratings. CRB created a pyramid based on high cost financing, which finally collapsed. But no one was punished.
21.Tree Plantation Scam – Invest in one teak tree and become crorepati, earn 1000 times more were the advertisements but today all the companies are vanished and common man lost the money. Do you know any one who got paid for investing in Tree, Do you even know any one went to Jail for doing this scam.
22.Mutual Fund Scam or Scandal – In beginning all mutual funds made the losses and their parent companies bailed them out. One of the famous one is UTI. In 1999 Unit Trust of India got problems and Indian taxpayers paid for this ,bail amount was Rs 4,800 crore
23.Year 2002 – Ketan Parekh Share scam – Manging stock and share prices.
Prominant Scams Before 2005
Harshad Mehta Big Bull Scam – 4000 crore
Lalu’s Chara Ghotala – 950 crores – July 2008 IAS officer Sajjal gets four-yr RI for 39 crore scam
Hawala Scandal – 5000 crores
Bofors Scandal – 64 crores (Also Read: 1 2 3)
Narendra Rastogi serial scammer – more than 43 crores.
Dalmia Scandal – 595 crores
Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel fraud case-50 crores
UTI Scam – 32 crores
Mutual Fund Scam – 1350 crores
Bansali Scam – 1200 crores
Ketan Parekh’s Sebi Scam- 888 crores  - June 08 – SC issues arrest warrant against Ketan Parekh
Cobbler Scam – 1000 crores
Bribe to allot petrol pumps scam
Churhat lottery scam – ?
Anantnag transport subsidy scam – ?
Bangalore – Mysore Infrastructure Corridor – ?
Kerala SNC Lavalin power scandal – 374.5 crore loss – Dec 09 – Accused CPM leader Vijayan gets bail in graft case.

January 2005
Telgi Scam – 171 crores - Telgi was sentenced 13 yrs RI and 100 cr fine. (Read More 1 2 Timeline 3)
Mayawati’s Taj Corridor- 175 crores alleged scam – Case was dropped in 2007 by the pecial designated court due to insufficient evidence (Read more 1 Is Politics such a high paying profession ? 2 May 2008 -Mayawati attempts to stop CBI investigation 3)
Motilal Goel Scam – 1000 crore

February 2005
West Bengal Telecom Scam – 400 crores
India’s unchecked textbooks racket – estimated 225 crores
Urea Scam – 133 crores

March 2005
Meghalaya lottery scam - 25000 crore

April 2005
Ration Card Scam – 3 crore
Car Financing Scam – ? crore
Junior Basic Trained teachers’ recruitment scam- ?

May 2005
Flood Relief Scam – 13 crores.
Let them eat plastic bags – Gautam Goswami

June 2005
Temple Lands Scam – 30 crores
Franking Scam – 30 crores

July 2005
Volkswagon Equity Scam – 11 crores – Sep 10 – CBI names 6 accused
National Slum Development Programme – 1.52 crores (Same guy of Flood Relief Scam May 05 who said “Victims can eat plastic bags”)
Kerala State Electricity Board – 89.32 crores (alleged corruption worth Rs. 100 crores was also involved in the drinking water project)

August 2005
Indian Oil Corporation Scam – ? crores

September 2005
Just talks of investigation of scam shaves off 89000 crores from the market capital

CBI nets 70 officials in all-India anti-corruption drive

Nagmani Scam – 1.5crore
Stamp Scam (Goa) - 30.19 crore

October 2005
Evasion of duty on High End Car’s – ? crore
Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) land scam – ? crore
Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) Scam- 9.1 crore

 November 2005
Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS) Scam – ? crores
National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) Scam – 250 crores – Sep 2007 – HC pulls up CBI for not registering case
December 2005
Election Fund Scam – ? Crores
Operation Blackboard scam – 1000 crores
Oil for Food Scam – ?

January 2006
Rice Scam – 320 crores
Benami Demat Scam – 30 crores (Sanjay Pandey the same guy in cobbler scam pre 2005)

February 2006
Benami IPO Scam – 32 crores
Liquor Scam – 3600 crores

March 2006
Jaitley an MP who allegedly bailed out Ketan Parekh in Madhavpura Mercantile Co-operative Bank scam case (see Pre 2005 list) one of the biggest scammers enjoys a lavish lifestyle.
The controversial Scorpene Deal – ? crores

April 2006
MTNL GSM Scam – 450 crore

May 2006
Chautala Scam – 1400 crores
BPL Red Cards Scam – 1400 crores

June  2006
The Great Wheat Scam – ?
UTI Franchisee forgery – ? crores
Punjab State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Scam – more than 3 crores

July 2006
BPO Scam – more than 3 crore
Bellary bribe – 150 crore
Duty Exemption Pass Book (DEPB) scheme Scam – 10 crore

August 2006
Unaccounted money on sale of petrol pumps – 18 crores
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh goes on a multi-crore holiday extravaganza – 2.5 crores
Tata Finance scandal – ? crores
September 2006
Top Punjab cops booked for wireless sets scam – 5 crores
Koda Scandal – 2500 crores – Nov 09 – First arrest made Feb 10 – 1 crore ceized , Ujjawal Chaudhary, senior Income Tax (I-T) officer who was going to reveal connections with politicians and hawals traders abruptly shifted
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in real estate fraud – more than 2100 crores (See Aug 2006)

October 2006
West Bengal State Consumer’s Federation Ltd (CONFED) Paddy Scam – ? crore
SEZ Controversies – RBI fears of a revenue loss — some Rs. 170,000 crore over the next five years by way of income tax, excise and customs duties foregone (based on a NIPF study). Read More 1
Dharmesh Doshi, Madhavpura Cooperative Bank scam – 1030 crores
Barak Missile Deal – 400 crore – The CBI case alleges that Rs 2 crore were paid to the president of a political party (Jaya Jaitley), who functioned from the residence of the then Defence Minister (George Fernandes).  March 2008 Nandas claim innocence
Blood Test Kit Scam – ?

November 2006
Bangalore Development Authority and Bangalore Mahanagara Palike on illegal constructions – 180 crore
NSDL and CDSL  bags illegitimate profits in an IPO manipulation scam – 116 crore

December 2006
SMS Con – 40-100 crore.
Agrofed job scam – ? crore
Haj Quota scam- bribes taken to illegally procure seats from the Government’s subsidised Haj quota for 1 lakh muslims.

January 2007
Illegal Telephone Exchanges Scam – 1000 crores
Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) Scam – swindled 12,000 crores of small investors before leaving the stat 
February 2007
Uranium Corporation of India Limited Scam – 20 crores
Oriental Bank Scam – 596.44 crores
Mandankumar Scam – 3.5 crores

March 2007
Pune Hassan Ali Khan Scam – 50 crores - I-T department, ED, and IB estimates that several thousand crore rupees were routed out of India(possibly swiss banks) through havala and banking channels. (Read More 1 2)
Congress MP Moni Kumar Subba from Tezpur, lied about his Indian nationality for 16 years manages to scam the country off by 25000 crores
April 2007
Air Ticket Booking Scam – 13 crores
The Royapettah Benefit Fund (RBF) in Chennai went bust drowning Rs 450 crore and leaving investors and depositors in the lurch a company allowed to operate by RBI.
Fertilizers Subsidies Scam – ? crores

May 2007
Arunachal Pradesh’s corrupt governance: 1000 crores (Read more Misappropriation under  former CM Gegong Apang and present incumbent Dorjee Khandu) Aug 10 - Apang arrested
Sampoorn Gramin Rojgar Yogana Scam –  457 crores . Dec 07 –Scam referred to CBI.
Warehouse Receipts Scandal – 500 crores

July 2007
Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) Scam – ?
Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB)Scam – ?
Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) recruitment scam – 8 crores
August 2007
Delhi Development Authority canteen owner Ashok Malhotraowned more than 50 cars and 10 motorcycles were recovered, all bearing special VIP number plates. Raid unearthed 5000 land documents, ? crores
Former Supreme Court Chief Justice YK Sabharwal was involved in dubious judicial deal-making that earned his sons huge profits. – ? crores
September 2007
Kerala State Cooperative Bank Scam – 2000 crores
Aircraft Import Scam – 1059 crores
Leave Travel Concession (LTC) Scam – loss of Rs 200 crore to Government and PSUs.
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Land Scam – ? crores
October 2007
Das filed the petition challenging the actions of the banks in waiving of around Rs 2,300 crore of public money arbitrarily without any valid reason. Describing this as the largest single waiver in the history of Indian banking industry.
Fake housing projects in north India – 500 crores - Y S Rana from Delhi. Rana was the owner of PS&G Developers and Engineers Ltd arrested by EOW.
Kidney Transplant Racket – ? crores more than a 1000 victims.  (Read more 1 2 3 4bar)
Coal India Ltd illegally diverted at least Rs10 crore from the funds it had collected for over a decade and meant for the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)
December 2007
Funds collected for victims of the Kargil war, Orissa cyclone and Gujarat earthquake were misused by top IAS officers in Punjab –  the documents prove that officers posted as deputy commissioners in Ludhiana, Patiala and Sangrur misappropriated and misused crores of money while heading the Red Cross societies in their districts.
Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) Land Scam – 6 crores

January 2008
Punjab VB arrests whistle-blower
February 2008
Kolkotta Museum Scam – 18 crores
March 2008
Senior Punjab IAS officer suspended for going out of his way to help a company by hiring it without inviting tenders and extending advances without proper bank guarantees. The company failed to repay, causing loss of Rs 20 crore to the corporation.
KPMG – India is “fraud haven”

April 2008
BCCI Dalmiya Scam – ? crores
Illegal export of sandalwood – 5 crores

June 2008
Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi quits after Income Tax raid on brother’s premises – 500 crore
Hotel Le Meridien Credit card skimming – 1 crore

July 2008
Parliamentary horse trading – ? crores
Ghaziabad Provident Fund scam – 23 crores – involved 83 accused included 36 judges, including one sitting Supreme Court judge, 11 High Court judges and 24 judges of subordinate judiciary. Beneficiaries of the ill-gotten money which was siphoned off fraudulently on the basis of fake documents and fictitious government servants and withdrawal of crores of rupees from the provident fund account of third and fourth-grade employees in Ghaziabad region between 2001 and 2008.(Read more 1) Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan denied heading the bench hearing (Read more 1) Dec 08 - CBI says it would seek permission to interrogate the judges. Oct – 09 – Key accused dies of heart attack while in custody Jul 10 No evidence against 17 out 41 judges and 24 remaining judges
August 2008
Fake Currency Scam in Uttar Pradesh Bank – 1.5 crores

September 2008
Fake RBI Cheques Scam – 14 crores

October 2008
Shirdi Ghat Repair – ? crores

November 2008
Mid Day Meal Scam – 15.37 crores
2G Spectrum Scam – 1,76,000 crores Dec 08 – Center claims that charges are baseless.
Satyam Computer’s Emergency Management Research Institute (EMRI) Ambulance Services Scam – 5600 crores

December 2008
E-ticketing fraud – 5 crores

January 2009
11 Directors of National Agricultural Marketing Federation of India(Nafed) face criminal action in a Rs3,700 crore fraud.
Satyam Fraud – 7 to 14000 crores – Pricewaterhouse Coopers saw no fraud in Satyam –  Nov 09 CBI arrested Satyam’s internal audit head V S Prabhakar Gupta for allegedly fabricating account books, just days before it is due to file a second chargesheet in the multi-crore fraud at the IT firm. Jul 10 – Promoters wrongfully gained 2643 crores
May 2009
Computer Purchasing Fraud – 1.53 crores
Divine Homeopath Investment Manager – 1600 crore
Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) arms deal scam – ? crores - Jul 10 - 6 firms get blacklisted
Dr A S Bindra father of ace shooter Abhinav Bindra and managing director of Punjab Meats Limited, Dera Bassion had charges of cheating, fraud and forgery. He committed fraud with a Delhi-based private financial company, Apple India, to the tune of Rs 4.31 crore and with the IndusInd Bank to the tune of Rs 5 crore.

June 2009
Ashok Jadeja Divine Ayurved and Money Multiplier – 100 to 1600 crores.
MCD 45000 Fake Employees Scam – 500-1000 crores annually

July 2009
Bitumen Scam – more than 100 crores
Chhattisgarh Paddy Scam – 4000 crores

August 2009
All India Council of Technical Education bribery scam – ? crores – Chairman R.A. Yadav, who drew a monthly salary of about Rs 80,000, had amassed property worth crores.
Metal Scrap Scam – ? crores
SBI Kanpur – 52 crores - Assistant General Manager, 2 Chief Managers and some senior managers, who were suspected to be directly involved in pilfering the bank by crediting fake cheques into select accounts.

September 2009
Austra Coke – 1000 crores
Bollywood star Nasir Khan figures in multi crore rupee chit fund scam – 191 crore

October 2009
Gold Quest Scam – 1100 crore

December 2009
Dr Suresh Dhotre medicine fraud – 47 crores

January 2010
IAS officer Pradeep Sharma Bheed Bazaar Land allotment scam– 70 crores
Railways and LIC Scam – 400 crores

February 2010
Bhopal Home Loan Scam – 2 crores
Wipro Embezzlement Fraud – 180 crores
Chak De India Scam – ?
PAN Card Scam – 3 crores

March 2010
Kandla Port Trust (KPT) Scam – ? crores – 16000 acres of land was leased out to few parties at nominal rates.
Fake Income Tax Returns Scam – 6 crores

April 2010
President of the Medical Council of India (MCI), Dr Ketan Desai in college scam – 500 crores - Demanded Rs 40 lakh from students seeking admission in a capitation fee racket and money for allotting seat as a management quota student. (Read more 12)
Financial Fraud hits 87% of Indian companies
June 2010
Canara Bank defrauded – 9.14 crore
Railway Recruitment Board Paper Leak – 15.5 crore.

July 2010
Lalit Modi Indian Premier League (IPL) Scam – 1200 crores.

August 2010
Commonwealth Games Scam - 8000 crores.

September 2010
Senior citizen savings scheme (SCSS) Post Office Scam - 2 crores .

October 2010
International Film Festival of India  (IFFI) Infrastructure creation  Scam in Goa - ? crores
Adarsh Society Scam – ? crores

November 2010
State-owned Mineral Scrap Trading Corporation (MSTC) was defraudedby jewelery traders – 1400 crores

December 2010
Citibank swindle – 300 crores.

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